Life Behind All the Squares

Looking on social media, everyone always looks like they have everything going for them. Like girl, how in the world do you do your make up every day, take your dog on cute walks, manage an empire, have perfect kids, annnnd go to the Maldives on the weekends? I'm going to guess that's probably not... Continue Reading →

First six weeks with Scarli-B

Yes, that name.... Riley hates me for it, I think. I find it absolutely hilarious. Little Scarli-B. The first week we had her my mom was here with us. It was a life saver. She didn't take over at nights so that we were pretty conditioned by the time she left but she cooked and... Continue Reading →

What we eat!!

I often get asked what Riley and I eat... I guess that might just be because we are in the fitness industry and I often give nutritional advice (not many people like it). I'm a firm believer in eating real foods and not giving into fad diets. Diets are just a way of life but... Continue Reading →

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