A Perk of Minor League Hockey: Wiener Dog Races!!


Other than one of my best girlfriends and bridesmaid making it into town this weekend from Tallahassee (she’s a gorgeous master’s of fine arts student at FSU), there was a big event going on – and I say this with the biggest smile on my face, BUT this last Saturday was our seasonal WIENER DOG RACE at the rink and I’m not gonna lie: I’m the loser that looks forward to it the most lol.

Last year Riley didn’t make it through either trade deadline without getting traded (woooo SPHL suitcase!!!). When we went to Pensacola I looked at the schedule and saw it wasn’t until March, so I was pumped. Thennnnnn he got traded like two weeks before the race! I’m not gonna lie, that and missing being by the beach for my last “spring break” were my only concerns hahaha. THEN Roanoke still had to have theirs so I got redeemed for this wonderful event.

Whatever, none of this is worth words. Here are pictures!!!!!:



With 3,555 people there.. this was AWESOME.



Yes, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and decided to wear heels and leather to the game. I promised myself I wouldn’t look frumpy in public during this pregnancy (I’ve been saying it for 5 years now) so I gotta keep that promise. The heels actually kind of helped push up the swelling in my feet…… which I put up at intermission in the family room shamelessly while eating a massive s’mores cupcake…..



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