Happy Birth Day, Scarlet Blake

Today is our little missy’s actual due date so I figured her birth story was in order.

On December 20th, I was scheduled for my 38 week OB appointment but it was set with a different doc since mine was out of town which was fine… it was supposed to be routine. My blood pressure decided to sky rocket and little babe’s growth had come to a halt since my last ultrasound. Next thing I know, I’m being admitted and my wonderful OB shows up from his Vegas conference (I was so happy to see his face) and tells me “so we’re gonna have this baby.” Needless to say, Riley wasn’t going to make it to his away games in Evansville and Peoria. Oops.

I used to not give one damn about who my doctor was when I gave birth. I had to have that mentality because of how much we move. When we got to Roanoke, though, I asked a ton of people who they would recommend. That got us to Dr. Harding (who was almost impossible to be booked with such last minute but they got us in) and I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have an OB you love and trust in your last trimester at least. Holy cow did this man ever make me feel safe and confident about having a baby 10 days before I was “ready.” I’m not sure what it is about him but ever since my first appointment with him he’s just been amazing, from how he talks to how relaxed he is about something humans have been doing since Adam and Eve. I had called another OB that seemed irritated with me that I was “switching doctors” so late in my pregnancy; sorry bruh.

So I had to be induced the next morning. I had to stay overnight with an insert that softened everything up a bit (you’re welcome for the info) and it actually threw me into labor which wasn’t the goal but it was awesome. At 6:45 a.m. my water broke on its own (thank G) and from there I labored for what seemed like forever but it was only about 2 hours until my epidural angel arrived. He was also fantastic; I didn’t even feel that part although Riley hates needles and while he was holding me through it and “coaching me” I’m pretty sure he was coaching himself lol; he got all clammy and was just looking down at the floor. I went to sleep after that for 4 hours since I had to be on an IV antibiotic drip for at least 4 hours before baby could come out. I was woken up to be given my pitocin to speed things along…. well, sped up is an understatement; I woke up again 30 minutes later to the nurse checking me and saying “oh it’s time to push!”….. WHAT?!?!?!

She tricked me…. seriously; and God bless her.

I was told we were doing some “practice” pushes.

3 “practice” pushes later and she’s getting Dr. Harding in there as quick as possible. 21 minutes of that and BAM! Baby! I don’t think I felt anything. Epidurals are amazing- Worst part of the whole thing was trying NOT to push while she went and got the doctor.

trying NOT to push

Remember how I said I was proud of Riley for getting through the epidural? Well, he ended up being a very active part of the birth. Dr. Harding and our birthing nurse made it so easy to transition it into a whole family affair and put Riley in the middle of all the action, he was holding my legs, pushing them towards me when I pushed and ended up watching THE ENTIRE THING!!! He also cut the cord which he said “I uh… I hadn’t made this decision yet!” and doc said nope, cut it.





Her name, though… it was funny because right before pushing, Riley and I looked at each other and said “well I guess we gotta decide on a name now.” Little Scarlet Blake came into the world at 1:36 p.m. on Thursday, December 21st of 2017.



I’d love to say I’ve just been a big ball of mush ever since but taking care of a newborn is seriously draining. She slept a total of 8 hours the second night at home and that definitely made me like her more – I love her more than anything don’t get me wrong but we’re going on a “like” scale here. I developed some hardcore mastitis mid week since she’s so tiny and wasn’t strong enough to get all the milk out of me and that plus recovering and getting used to the “sleep” schedule…. haha hi, I’m a bag of milk.


With all that said, don’t underestimate postpartum depression. I haven’t had the easiest time and I feel like it’s not talked about enough. It can hit anyone at any time and you HAVE to talk about it. I cried in the shower while Riley talked me through it. It’s okay to cry; it’s okay to feel scared; it’s okay to feel overwhelmed; it’s okay to admit that it’s hard; and as hard as it is to say, it’s okay for it not to all come natural and easy right off the bat. This whole thing is A LOT. Scarlet is my first baby and there’s not enough practice in the world or advice that can prepare you for how you’re going to feel and every experience is totally different just like every birth story is different.

I’m so thankful my mother is here, though. She’s been the laundry and dishes genie along with cooking for us and then Riley is an angel that gets up with me to burp and change Scarlet after I feed her since I have to pump. I dunno how I got so lucky with him but I hit the husband jackpot. I also hit the baby jackpot cause she is seriously a dream, so quiet and so peaceful. I can’t wait to plump her up a little more and watch her grow up.


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