First six weeks with Scarli-B

Yes, that name…. Riley hates me for it, I think. I find it absolutely hilarious. Little Scarli-B.

The first week we had her my mom was here with us. It was a life saver. She didn’t take over at nights so that we were pretty conditioned by the time she left but she cooked and cleaned and we didn’t do much else other than feed her and get her to sleep.

My personal experience, however, was a horror story. I got mastitis, I got a cold, this all affected my milk supply so I wasn’t making enough for Scarlet which meant she was feeding every half hour to an hour and I was going INSANE. I’ve eaten so much oatmeal, taken so many herbs, had so much fenugreek tea, and pumped until I wanted to throw this pump off a cliff (except the pump is $1200 and a rental. eff).

fast forward to my six week check up…. OB puts me on a medication whose side effect is milk production. ALL THAT HELL AND THERE WAS A PILL SOLUTION. ugh. Anyways, all is better and I’m a pumping machine and Scarlet is getting fat and happy.

She has been good sleeper since day 3. I’d say day 1 but I dunno cause we took full advantage of the nursery taking her quite a bit so we could rest and be the best possible parents we could. Neither of us function that well when we are sleep deprived so a couple of days to heal was nice.

We are definitely settling in to life as parents. She hasn’t missed one home game of daddy’s and she sleeps through every thing that happens. Line brawls, OT horns, goal horns, crowd yells, you name it! I love it. As long as she’s fed, she’s a happy Spraggs….. which doesn’t differ from any other Spraggs. She used to hate baths but now they’re her favorite since we figured out she likes it VERY warm.

As far as products that we actually use.. the halo sleep sack with the dock-a-tot in the halo bassinet… heaven. Graco has it figured out with the swing and car/stroller systems. I’ll make another blog post about those cause it’s honestly been so easy. The only thing I haven’t used has been her travel crib but she’ll be in that in no time (she’s just so tiny!).

But lets get to what you came here for… the pictures ♥



Chel has been an angel with her
This was how we figured out she likes the water way warmer than we originally thought she needed
bath time
has daddy wrapped already








One thought on “First six weeks with Scarli-B

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just want to see you guys…and of course hug, and love on that beautiful daughter of yours…my granddaughter from another branch of my ever growing family tree!
    So glad everyone is doing well! Miss you so much!


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