What we eat!!

I often get asked what Riley and I eat… I guess that might just be because we are in the fitness industry and I often give nutritional advice (not many people like it). I’m a firm believer in eating real foods and not giving into fad diets. Diets are just a way of life but some “diets” are not maintainable whatsoever and in the long run, they do you wrong. I only gained 28 lbs during my pregnancy and I sometimes spoon fed myself nutella and I also did not work out much other than some daily walks and some yoga because I was just too exhausted. In this blog, I’m not going to give recipes because we don’t really follow any but I will share with you our usual meals! Riley doesn’t really watch his caloric intake and still maintains his physique for hockey. I used to track my food but once I got comfortable with keeping up with my metabolic rate I stopped. I rarely TRY to lose weight just cause I rather lift heavy than look lean but I’m definitely going to start trying to lean out here soon just for the fun of it. Keep in mind, Riley and I still have a few beers or a couple glasses of wine quite often and still maintain our weight at a healthy and happy place. These are just meal ideas that usually keep us in a good caloric intake zone! Enjoy 🙂


-Mashed up avocado on sourdough toast with 2 scrambled eggs and two beef sausage patties

-Fried egg on avocado toast (whatever bread we have, usually sourdough or honey wheat)

-2 turkey bacon strips with 3 egg omelet with whatever veggies on hand and ham

-tomato and ham toasted in a croissant with a side of avocado (I like fatty breakfasts)

-One egg scrambled with 3 egg whites with spinach and a side of toast with vegan butter (your choice, really)

-My personal go to: chocolate covered strawberry oats. I have this a lot, its oats with chocolate protein powder, a bit of chocolate peanut butter (or nutella, depending on how I feel about my diet the day before) with frozen strawberries. Paired with a side of whatever fruit I have on hand and orange juice.

I don’t normally have juice or anything with my meals. Aside from wine at dinner, I only drink water. A heavy water consumption helps A LOT with weight maintenance.

Lunches and Dinners

-Quinoa stuffed pepper with avocado and yogurt salsa verde avocado dressing

-Chicken sautéed with soy sauce, veggies and rice,

-Spaghetti with chicken, edamame, tomatoes, red peppers, celery and broccoli.

-Shrimp with beans, asparagus and quinoa

-Zoodles with tomatoes, shrimp, edamame, and feta on a bed of rice

-Shrimp pasta salad with salad and some cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce

-Soup – this one is a chicken pot pie progresso soup

-Fried fish wrap with avocado and spinach with a side of chips and salsa

-Mashed potatoes with ground turkey patties, cauliflower and strips of bell pepper

-Chicken taco with stir fry bell peppers, guacamole, tomatoes and sour cream

-Shrimp pasta salad with bread side (and wine. don’t forget the wine)

Hope this gives somebody a good idea for dinner this week!



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