Taking a Baby to Hockey Games

Let me preface this blog post with: taking an infant to a hockey game is WAY WAY WAY easier than taking toddler(s) to a hockey game.




With that said, in my final month of pregnancy I searched for this topic way too often because I was honestly terrified to take her to games right away. I totally figured out by trial and error that it can honestly be super easy. The first weekend I had my mom so I got to experiment a little but after she left, I was on my own. Don’t depend on anyone being at the games to help; even if there’s people there that you know, it’s not their job.

But let’s get to it!! I will link every product for your convenience, amazon primers and online shopping fanatics!

The diaper bag

IMG_0702.jpgThe basics –
diapers; I haven’t found my faves yet. Huggies don’t quite hug her like promised lol containing the blow outs differs as she changes sizes so sometimes pamper’s does the trick, other times luv’s are fine. We have about 17 boxes of huggies to go through, though so we are making due.

diaper rash cream; arbonne, honest co., and burt’s bees are my top 3. and I babysat a lot before having a baby, also (how I paid rent for the first two years of college). Some are sticky, some don’t wipe off like.. ever and some just are messy. So yes, the price tag is worth it. A bottle lasts like 3 months. Keep one in the diaper bag and one at home because uh… remembering to take it in and out of the diaper bag is just an extra thing to think about. don’t do it.

extra outfit; because blowouts and spastic pees.

and wipes; I’ll use any at home but I take water wipes with me on the go because they can be used for ANYTHING. Even on your face. or if you spill something on yourself or the babe… amongst other things. I don’t like the smell or feel of regular wipes. These are also gentler on those little behinds.

The stuff I found useful –

Shout out to Rowlie for being awesome and bringing me brews and sitting with me

pacifier wipes: this is definitely not necessary but it does come in handy if you don’t wanna waste any of the water wipes – they’re not the cheapest and the paci wipes packaging is smaller so you can put it in your jacket pocket – this mainly being for WAGS who have a rink that has a family room you can keep the large diaper bag in… so if you don’t wanna be up in the top row of the rink and have the pacifier that is keeping your newborn asleep fall on to the disgusting ground and you have to pour beer on it and then suck said beer off of it to avoid climbing all the stairs just to go sit in line in the bathroom to use the sink to get said newborn to stop crying you can just go to the wipes! I’ve been there and one of the players I was sitting with witnessed the entire thing. #vetmove. Also, paci holders – they’re not fool proof, though and like to come off


Similac pre-made bottles: If you’re not breastfeeding or if you’re supplementing these are the bomb.com… they come with disposable nipples and you can toss them when you’re done. They are serve at room temperature also so no more annoying cooling system or worrying about warming up bottles if your babe doesn’t like cold formula. Both similac and enfamil make these in all their assortment of formulas. These have quite the price tag BUT go see a lactation specialist and ask for samples to see if your baby likes them before buying a ton. Your ped’s office should also have samples

Gripe water: comes in handy especially if you’re a WAG because fans are at games a significant shorter time than we are. If you’ve got a fusser or a colicky babe, this stuff does come in handy while waiting on daddy after the game for sometimes over an hour. You can dip their paci in it or give them a full dose to get whatever is bugging them.. out

Changing pad: this isn’t really necessary in my opinion but if your kid pees when you take off their diaper, it’s better to wipe off your pad instead of whatever you were changing them on. My bag came with a changing pad but the one I linked is totally fine. Enfamil gives samples of stuff to the ped’s offices so ask if they have some cause my pack came with a free changing pad. They discontinued my bag in black but I’ve linked the exact design. I like it better than the black ones they’re currently selling – way more space.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Go Daddy!!!

Mommy things: If you’re breast feeding – nipple pads (disposable and reusable upon your preference) and a hand pump cause uh… leaking at a game is NOT fun. Especially while you’re waiting on your guy to come out if you’re with a player. Happened to me, thankfully I always wear black.

I kept my nipple pads in a cute little gold pouch with my chapstick and lipstick so it was easy to find amongst all the madness.

More mommy things: little thing of baby lotion (for you both), bottle of ibuprofen, HAND SANITIZER, pony tail holder and a water bottle.

Thing about the water bottle: you can’t bring food or drink into the game and that includes water bottles. If you’re like me, I refuse to pay $5 for a water bottle or drink the water from the sinks and finding a water fountain that doesn’t take forever to fill up a bottle is not on my todo list at a game so I carry one of these in my bag… They have a filter so if you really had to you could use toilet water… I don’t recommend that but sink water is fine and you can take it in empty and not piss off some poor guy checking your bag at the door. Now if they happen to not catch the little travel sized bottle of wine… mom win.

Just Tips

Find a carrier or wrap you like; wearing the baby makes all of this about at thousand times easier. Your hands being free means if a paci DOES fall to the ground you’re not fumbling with one hand to get it, OR you can even go get yourself a beer. woah. I carry my carriers in a drawstring bag on my back when I go into the rink. All about hands free over here.


Speaking of  beer, some people may judge you when they see you wearing a baby and having a brew – let them. You’re not gonna ruin your baby’s life by having a beer or two at a game. Now, because of stairs, I wouldn’t recommend like 7 but don’t be too hard on yourself.

2 week old fan

Don’t try to bring your own big purse. Get a diaper bag that you can put your wallet in and your phone readily available. You’re already carrying enough with the car seat, baby carrier and diaper bag into the game and if you’re by yourself.. not fun. If anything, take a little cross body or something but I don’t like it with the baby carrier – lots of straps to deal with.

My apple watch comes in handy so I can see what messages I’m getting without having my phone in my hands all the time or fumbling to get it when it dings. More hands for keeping the little one calm and happy.


Like I said, infants are WAY easier than toddlers. If they’re fed, changed and don’t have any gas, they usually sleep through the whole thing. I bought little noise canceling head phones for her and they were AWESOME for the big noises that would startle her. She did get used to it after a few games, though and our pediatrician said there’s not a REAL need for them since if it’s comfortable for your ears, theirs are fine. But the headphones come in handy for the noises that aren’t foreseeable like goal horns or line brawls or a screaming child behind you.

The little headphones are also adorable


Other than all that, have fun with it. We haven’t missed a home game yet and it’s a way to get out of the house. A lot of people I talked to said they mostly stayed home for the first three months but I couldn’t do it. I like having a life and we love to go take strolls through the mall and the games are an added fun part of our week. I was initially worried about her getting sick from all of the germs she gets introduced to but she’s healthy as can be and I like that her immune system is getting built early on. I’m a firm believer in exposure not being a bad thing and acquired immunity is important but that’s not for everybody. It’s up to each parent to make that decision but I ate mud, sand and bugs as a kid so you know where my opinion lies.

oh and uh, vaccinate your kids. thank you.


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